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How can you prevent tearing?
Try specific exercises, different birthing positions, and more!
Written by Dr. Dhara Solanki
Most people don't know that men can have very serious complications after having a vasectomy. Learn everything you need to know including: post-vasectomy pain syndrome, nerve damage, chronic testicular pain, and more!
Pelvic Health Physical Therapy Outcomes
What kind of treatments are available?
and what complications can you expect
Post Pregnancy Pelvic Health Issues
My tailbone hurts after delivery - what is Coccydynia?
10 Things That Can Trigger Postpartum Depression
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Pros, Cons, and Other Things to Know About Episiotomy.
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Pelvic Health related Bleeding Issues in Women's
Written by Dr. Jennifer Markowitz
28 year old Courtney is pregnant for the first time. She is excited to welcome twin daughters, and relieved thus far for her pregnancy has been ... Click on the picture to continue reading! 
How common is postpartum constipation?
Causes of postpartum constipation
How to prevent constipation
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Physical Therapy Plan
What causes gestational diabetes?
Gestational Diabetes Complications
and more!
Pelvic Health Physical Therapy Outcomes
How common are natural tears?
Minor, moderate, and severe tears
and more!
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