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Completing your Intake Paperwork

We request that you please fill out your intake forms before your first visit with us, preferably two business days before your arrival. This ensures that your physical therapist will be as prepared as possible for your visit. Unlike many healthcare offices, our pelvic therapists will read your intake thoroughly two times before you are seen. We have this policy in place so that your initial visit goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
In order to fill out your forms, please click on the link below. This will direct you to a google form. Filling it out should be easy and hassle free! As soon as you have completed the paperwork, it will be sent directly to your physical therapist for their review. We please ask that you make an appointment prior to filling out the intake forms. In order to do so, call 805-682-7777 or email us at
If you do not fill out your intake before your visit, we ask that you come 45 minutes early to your appointment and fill out the paperwork in our office. If you do this, please know that your pelvic therapist will not be as thoroughly prepared for your visit as they would be if the paperwork was filled out before hand. We encourage all of our patients to complete the intake before their visit as this helps things go smoothly for both yourself and your pelvic therapist. 
Thank you!
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