Meet The Team


Dhara Solanki

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Founder and owner of Pelvic Health of Santa Barbara.

I'm Dhara Solanki. I'm a Physical Therapist, Mom and I have over 15+ years of clinical experience. Dhara received her Master of Science in Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy at University of Southern California and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from University of California, San Fransisco. 

I feel very passionate about the positive change I can bring to my patients. When I am not at my clinic you can find me doing some craft work with my 5 year & 3 year old kids. 


Elle Bienvenu

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Elle Bienvenu is an occupational therapist with a focus on pelvic wellness. She welcomes folks of all gender identities and expressions, all abilities, and at any stage of life to partake in holistic and comprehensive client-driven care. 

Utilizing a combined approach of manual therapy, awareness training, and lifestyle modification, Elle helps her clients return to their meaningful occupations, roles, and routines to reach their personal goals. 

A graduate of Sage Graduate School of Health Sciences, she has since earned specialized training in pelvic floor rehabilitation through advanced coursework with Herman & Wallace Institute and Lindsey Vestal of The Functional Pelvis. 

She is an LGBTQIA+ friendly practitioner and ensures that her office is a safe and accepting space for all who enter.

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Ilan Ben-Yehuda

Ilan has more than twenty years experience as a massage therapist. A graduate from the Core Institute of Massage Therapy, he started working for chiropractors, sporting events, and eventually spas. He apprenticed Hawaiian massage master Wesley Sen and others who would help him develop his own style of bodywork. Drawing from the practices of structural integration, traditional Polynesian massage, Trager, and subtle energy play, Ilan creates unique sessions designed to open muscles to more breath and ease of movement.


Ilan was drawn to massage even as a child, and started studying anatomy and physiology when dancers in his magnet high school started asking for more specific massage work than just a shoulder rub. While studying at University during the day, he went to night school to learn massage. After working with clients in clinics, spas, and privately, Ilan discovered his best work was with people in physical rehab. Ilan's philosophical belief that the body wants to be as efficient and easeful as possible keeps bringing him back to the core muscles - the muscles of the pelvic girdle and breath. Ilan loves reading abstracts and reviews of new studies on anatomy, physiology, and pathology, and believes that the body always has something to teach him.