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Dhara Solanki

Dhara has over 19 years of clinical experience as a Physical Therapist .​ Dhara has been doing pioneering work in the realm of pelvic health for over 10 years. What she enjoys most about being a Physical Therapist is the positive change she can bring to her patients.

Although she has been treating pelvic health patients for quite some time she went into realization about the gravity of issues first hand after going through two pregnancies. She was surprised to realize that resources and treatment options around pelvic health were very scarce. Dhara was motivated to provide more resources and awareness for pelvic health issues which led to her pioneering  new techniques in this area. She also helped with increasing awareness in this area through blogging, info session and hosting talks that highlight pelvic issues for both men and women.

Dhara keeps abreast with the latest treatment methodologies by following extensive research publications and undertaking continuing education courses. Her strong belief in evidence based practice, broad clinical experience and in-depth education makes her a versatile clinician. 

Below are her academic credentials -


  • M.S (Master of Science in Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy) - University of Southern California.  

  • D.P.T (Doctorate in Physical Therapy) - University of California, San Francisco.

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